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Democrats and the War – 2002 to the Present

February 5, 2007

Trolling through some of the videos from the DNC Winter Meeting today, I was struck by how much Mike Gravel in 2007 sounds like Al Gore in 2004 endorsing Howard Dean. Gravel has called his fellow Dems to the mat on Iraq and it will be interesting to see how they respond and if his populist message lifts him out of obscurity.

Of course, John Edwards, another populist, has already disavowed his vote authorizing the Iraq War. Edwards is also the politician making the most use of YouTube. Most of the candidates have created web video and some have even created their own channels, but Edwards is the only one who seems to actually be engaged in it. His was the only channel to upload snippets of his speech at the Winter Meeting.

Of course, if you want to catch all of the candidates speeches in their entirety, the best place I’ve found to do that is the politicstv channel on YouTube. It’s a progressive group, so don’t expect anything but parodies of Republicans. And speaking of Republicans, where are they? So far they haven’t made much noise on the “user-generated” scene.


Hillary for Voicemail Lady

September 25, 2006

I just got the most bizarre phone call. Hillary Clinton’s voice rang me up to ask for my support in November.

Okay, so that’s obviously not the weird part. Nor is it the timing, over a month before the election and her opponent…well, who’s running against her, again? She’s still got to run, even if the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

No, the weird part was the “interactivity” of the recorded call. Hillary’s voice made a pitch for three Democratic candidates running against Republican incumbents in the House of Representatives. She asked if (I paraphrase) ‘you are able to volunteer, press 1. If you can’t volunteer at this time, press 2.’

Hillary went on to remind me that I could volunteer from the comfort of my own home. Then, within the same press 1 / press 2 schema, she asked for my email address and reminded me to vote “next November.” (Shouldn’t it be “this November”?)

I know it’s a new age and it’s the Clintons, so redefining a relationship is nothing new. But, does a Hillary 2008 campaign really want to have its candidate one small step from saying, “To continue in English, please press 1?”